In 2011 we took our 10+ years experience, the resolve to build a successful framing business, and a hammer in hand to construct a vision – Sawback Builders.  We’re proud to say that the company Sawback Builders not only hails from the foot of the Canadian Rockies, but also, our namesake, inspired by the Sawback Mountain Range.


Since that inspired time, we’ve worked hard to lay foundations of strong work ethics, efficiency, and quality product in every job we’ve had our hands in.  Part of our venture is to create a reputation in our work and employees that reflects the very essence of a mountain range – timeless, energetic, and awesome.


Every mountain has an apex, and we strive to reach ours.  Top framers.  Summiting quality.  Peak training and apprenticing.  By bringing our ‘Sawback Strong’ work ethic to all projects and endeavours, we purpose to extend our reach, expand our scope and excel at everything our hands find to do.  That’s our aim.

who we are


Meet Matt.  In 2011, Matt took his near decade of local framing experience and along with his wife, Sarah, Sawback Builders Ltd. was born.  Matt has cultivated the business’ growth from a few guys with hammers to a company now that can handle any size framing project that you can throw at it. Matt is in charge of finding new business, overseeing daily operations, and challenging the status quo in an industry that is quickly changing.  Matt is a proud father of three boys and a little lady and loves being a part of the team at Sawback.


Meet Colten.  In 2014, Colten joined the ownership of team Sawback.  With his many years of experience and leadership, the company immediately took great strides of growth – internally and on site.  As chief of operations, Colten’s main focus with Sawback is production.  Daily, you’ll find him managing the crews onsite and overseeing pre-fab operations.

Arsenault, COO

what we do


With our innovative approach to the framing process, we are able to deliver a job well done, on time, and on budget.  Bundle our framing services with any of our other services to start seeing the savings.


Outfitted with our own trucks and bins, we provide professional services at competitive pricing and we are continually looking for the greenest options.  Give us a ring for same day service.


Our in-house design team creates 3D renderings of your project before it hits the ground.  Waste, quality concerns and any unforeseen issues can be eliminated with our pre-fab options.  Our prefab walls are precise and save time in the framing erection process.

on the job


happy customers

Sawback Builders is a valued trade partner for Brookfield Residential. 

Matt, Colten and their teams make every effort to be too on time, accurate, and professional.  Whether it is prefab or stick-build, they have a progressive and innovative approach to carpentry that balances solid ethics with quick production.

– Kevin Mccubbin [Construction Manager, Brookfield Residential]

I’ve had the good fortune of meeting all the brothers at Sawback. 

They all share the same pursuit in delivering a quality job, on time. 

They do this by hiring the right people and taking the time to train them well.  It’s been a wonderful experience working with their crew and partnering with Sawback on our projects.

Naz Virani [President, Sarina Homes]

…Matt and his crew are dependable, efficient, and responsive to any concerns and are a valued partner on our projects. 

We would not hesitate to recommend Sawback to anyone seeking a professionally-minded framer with integrity.

Graham [SynCon Managemnet Ltd]

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Every mountain has an apex, and we strive to reach ours.  Top framers. Summiting quality.  Peak training and apprenticing.  That’s our aim.

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